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Which Came First? The Hornworm or the Egg?

Which Came First? The Hornworm or the Egg?

Posted by MoriFeeders on 6th Apr 2022

Which Came First? The Hornworm or the Egg?

Hornworms, Manduca sexta, are a feeder insect for reptile and amphibian pets. These insects are unmistakably large, green caterpillars. Hornworms are typically found in vegetable gardens throughout the summer across North America. The caterpillars feed on plants in the Solanaceae family, which includes the nightshades. Plants such as tobacco, tomato, eggplant, and bell peppers are favorites for this insect.

Hornworms used for Reptile food:

Hornworms are high in both calcium and moisture content, making them a favorite feeder for reptile keepers. These caterpillars also have a soft exoskeleton which makes eating and digestion easy. Hornworms are a favorite for many reptiles and amphibians and are great to entice picky eaters with! If you keep bearded dragons, leopard geckos, panther chameleons, monitors, collared lizards, tegus, or skinks then try hornworms from MoriFeeders as a staple part of your pet’s diet.

Do I need to gut load and dust hornworms?

Gut loading and dusting feeder insects is vital to maintaining a healthy pet reptile or amphibian. Our hornworms are shipped within cups that contain a healthy gutload diet for the worms. When feeding the hornworms, just lightly dust them with your favorite multivitamin or calcium dusts and feed to your reptiles. You can rest assured that our hornworms’ diet is made with their nutrition in mind.

What do I feed my hornworms after I receive them?

Hornworms are shipped with plenty of diet to grow them to larger sizes so that you can feed a wide range of pet reptiles and amphibians. If larger sized hornworms are needed, then please consider our 15 count hornworm cups, the hornworms will grow larger. If you need additional hornworm diet, MoriFeeders offers high quality hornworm diet in powder form on our website. The mixing instructions are very simple and typically a new batch of diet takes less than two hours to make, cooling included!

Can I feed my pet reptile/amphibian hornworms I found in my garden?

No! Please do not feed your pets hornworms that were found feeding on plants outside. Hornworms sequester the toxic chemicals from the plants they eat outside so that birds and other predators will not eat them. The chemicals make the hornworms taste bad. However, these chemicals may seriously hurt or even kill your pet reptile or amphibian.

Can I raise hornworms to the adult stage?

If your hornworms are provided with enough food, they will grow to about 4 inches long. The hornworms typically weigh 10-12 grams at the point when they have finished eating. They will then wander around in search for a place to pupate. Provide your hornworms with moist potting soil so that they can pupate. Once pupated, they will be in a stationary stage for approximately 3 weeks. After this time has passed, you may notice that your hornworm pupa has begun to change colors as it develops. Soon after this development begins, the adult moth with emerge from the pupa and excrete a large amount of liquid waste. Make sure to have sticks or netting placed so that the freshly emerged moth can climb vertically. The moths will hang vertically to allow their wings to expand and harden. Hornworm moths typically have a wingspan of around 5”. Then your moth will be ready to fly! Your moths can be fed a diet of sugar water or hummingbird solution.


So, which came first? The hornworm or the egg? This question will remain up for debate. One fact that isn’t up for debate is how beneficial hornworms are for pet reptiles and amphibians. MoriFeeders hornworms are loaded with nutrition and water content to help keep your pets healthy. Just make sure to dust them before feeding! Check out www.morifeeders.com and use this coupon code, 10hornworms, to receive 10% off your next order!