Wholesale Customers: Shipping is calculated based on total weight of all items in the cart. This can skew with large numbers of items and the shipping shown may be higher than what it costs to ship. We will always refund the remaining amount upon shipping.

Dropship Customers: If combining multiple items in the same order for a customer, please upload the same shipping label with each item.

Shipping & Returns

Cancellations & Changes

Changes to orders that have already been paid or are currently being processed will require the order to be cancelled and re-placed. Unfortunately, our webstore software does not play nice with changes to paid orders, so this is the easiest way to get you what you need.

MoriFeeders will only make changes to paid orders when an item is unexpectedly out of stock. In this case, we will contact you and offer to ship that item at a later date or offer a refund for that item.

Shipping Schedule


Perishable items are shipped Monday - Wednesday & Saturdays. We may rarely ship Thursdays if a Saturday delivery is possible and the weather permits. However, we reserve the right to hold shipments until the next standard shipping day.

Dry Goods

Dry Good items will be shipped Monday-Friday & Saturday as long as no perishable items are included with the order. If a perishable item is in the same order, we consider the entire order to be "perishable".

Shipping Rates

Cost and time-in-transit vary widely depending on the shipping rate you choose at checkout. FREE SHIPPING items are typically dry goods and will be shipped USPS First Class, FedEx Ground, or UPS Ground.

  • USPS First Class - Typically shipped via air like Priority Mail, but can take 1 day longer to deliver. 2-5 days
  • USPS Priority Mail - Shipped via air. 2-4 days
  • FedEx Ground - Shipped via truck. 3-5 days
  • FedEx 2-Day - Shipped via air. 2 days
  • FedEx Overnight - Shipped via air. 1 day
  • UPS Ground - Shipped via truck. 3-5 days
  • UPS 2nd Day - Shipped via air. 2 days
  • UPS Next-Day - Shipped via air. 1 day

Weather & Live Arrival

Insects do not do well in the heat or extreme cold. We guarantee live arrival of insects if your local temperatures are between 45° - 85° or shipped overnight/FedEx 2Day. If your temperatures are outside of this range, we may automatically ship with a Hold For Pickup option chosen. Typically this is your nearest US Post Office or FedEx/UPS location. Warnings on our website serve as notice that your package may be held for pickup. If your package is held, please call the appropriate store/office location to make sure they have your package. Only then should you travel to that location to pick it up. Save yourself some frustration!

We do our best to accommodate every order individually and make sure our packaging is best-in-class. Sometimes the postal carrier plays Hackey Sack with our packages. If this happens and your package arrives broken, torn, severely dented, smashed, drop-kicked, in flames or soaked on a non-rainy day - Please let us know within 2hours after first delivery attempt! We handle all insurance claims with the carriers and require photo proof of any of these issues. So if you find your package damaged:

  • Take pictures of box before opening it (if possible)
  • Take pictures of products inside the box to show damage to the items
  • Collect any other information you think might be useful


MoriFeeders will not ship perishable items to Hawaii or any other US territory apart from Puerto Rico.
MoriFeeders will not ship insects or perishables to states where those items are forbidden.


Wholesale and bulk order shipments and deliveries will be arranged via email or phone. We will attempt to accommodate shipment requests, but reserve the right to ship in a way and method we feel is appropriate to get your order to you safe and sound.